Understandable, easy and secure way to acquire and sell, save and transfer your cryptocurrency. Easy and safe.

    Continuous access to your cryptocurrency anytime and anywhere. Confidential and secure. You can be sure of the security of your cryptocurrency, because it is stored in the safest wallet.


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BitHub is:

  • Full security. BitHub gives you the opportunity to acquire, sell, transfer and store cryptocurrency completely anonymously and securely. In all circumstances, our customers' accounts are completely safe, protected by the most reliable wallet. Intruders have no chance of accessing clients' money.
  • Innovative voice verification. BitHub successfully applies innovative customer voice verification technology. It allows customers to get rid of the need to remember passwords and secret words. At the same time, no outsider will be able to access your money, even if it somehow receives your personal data, since it will not be able to pass a voice verification.
  • Counseling with live people. BitHub is a proponent of the position that only a professional person can provide timely and comprehensive assistance to a client in a difficult or incomprehensible situation. Modern automatic systems (bots), with all their undoubted advantages, are unable to show sufficient flexibility and individual approach to each person who applied, taking into account the individual characteristics and needs of each client.

Easy transactions

BitHub is an absolutely simple and intuitive digital wallet. Our clients are spared the need to find a way to translate their own cryptocurrency.

Outstanding reliability

Reliable encryption of all data on the servers, the use of an encrypted SSL connection using the HTTPS protocol, as well as exclusively verified IPs, makes hacking completely pointless.  

Сustomer support

BitHub support is available to our customers around the clock, seven days a week. We are always ready to provide you with full professional support, no matter what happens.

Easy registration

Join BitHub is very simple. Enough to spend quite a bit of time and go through a quick and clear registration.
  • Risk management

    Risk management allows BitHub customers to maximize profits by minimizing risks, taking into account all the features and needs of customers. As an interested party in your success, we continuously provide all necessary assistance to support our customers.
  • Investment plans

    Investment plans developed by us provide maximum profitability with minimum risks. You will be able to choose an investment plan that suits your requirements and opportunities. Our support team works 24/7 guaranteeing you profit and professional growth as an investor.
  • Investing in cryptocurrency

    Investing in cryptocurrency allows BitHub clients to make significant profits in the young and dynamic digital money market. BitHub offers its customers optimal trading conditions for profitable investment in the most interesting and profitable assets. Become a BitHub customer today and tomorrow you will have a reliable and regular passive profit.
  • Wallet management

    BitHub provides its customers with the opportunity to use the most secure and reliable cryptocurrency wallet. Our clients can be sure that their money under reliable protection and whatever happens will remain inviolable.

BitHub is one of the best digital wallets.

BitHub is an innovative company operating in the field of blockchain technology. At the moment, the company has created one of the best cryptocurrency wallets and is active in investing in cryptocurrency and exchanging cryptocurrency. BitHub's cryptocurrency wallet is available to absolutely everyone, always and everywhere. All you need is Internet access. But despite the simplicity and ease, it is security and reliable work that distinguish BitHub products, which is ensured by the use of innovative encryption methods and information technologies.


BitHub is one of the fastest growing and fastest growing companies in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We give the opportunity to buy, sell and store cryptocurrency easily and naturally.

BitHub - professionals of their business and blockchain technology enthusiasts!

BitHub is a team of young professionals gathered from all over the world. All members of the BitHub team are focused on the development of blockchain technologies and future financial instruments. We firmly believe in the huge prospects of the blockchain and cryptocurrency. Considering that our clients should be the masters of their financial life, we provide the widest possible opportunities to our clients, ensuring reliability and anonymity and all possible support.


  • What is cryptocurrency?
    Cryptocurrency is a kind of digital money, the main difference of which is the lack of a centralized system of accounting, control and management. All information is dispersed among all participants in the system, ensuring security, reliability and anonymity.
  • How can I get cryptocurrency?
    Becoming a cryptocurrency owner is pretty simple. It is enough to transfer money to a personal account in a cryptocurrency wallet in any convenient way, after which you can order any cryptocurrency from the list of available ones. After that, the desired cryptocurrency will go to your cryptocurrency wallet. BitHub gives you the opportunity to purchase cryptocurrency both from exchange and directly on the market.
  • What personal information does BitHub require?
    Working within the framework of the BitHub Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act requires confirmation of the account with the client’s personal data. The list of documents requested by BitHub is presented on the website bithub.ninja. To go through the account verification procedure, the client must provide a passport or driver's license, a document confirming the place of residence and documents confirming the ownership of the accounts. We guarantee the security of customers' personal information by applying the SSL protocol when storing data.
  • Why provide personal data for cryptocurrency trading?
    The BitHub team takes all the necessary measures to prevent fraud and acts in accordance with the policies of AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC (“Know your customer”).
  • What payment systems does BitHub use?
    For security purposes, BitHub uses a three-factor secure payment, ensuring the safety and security of customers' money. Accepted payments are Visa, MasterCard, bank transfers and transfers from crypto wallet.
  • Why do cryptocurrency prices fluctuate?
    The price of each specific cryptocurrency is formed under the influence of a number of circumstances. The most significant factor is the simplicity of cashing: the easier it is to cash, the more expensive the cryptocurrency.
  • How to trade cryptocurrency profitable?
    Now the most profitable way to trade cryptocurrency is trading in the price difference (CFD). This is a short-term trading that allows you to open positions to buy or sell based on the current price.
  • How to trade cryptocurrency on CFD?
    When trading CFDs you can open a short-term deal to buy or sell cryptocurrency based on the current price. In addition, BitHub customers can use leverage for a significant increase in possible profits. But do not forget that the risks in this case also grow.
  • How does BitHub differ from competitors?
    Investing in cryptocurrency is of interest to all now because of the opportunity to make large profits in a relatively short period of time, which is the main goal of most investors. In addition, investments in cryptocurrency are much safer compared to assets with similar profitability. BitHub gives its customers the opportunity to earn good money on cryptocurrency, using both innovative and time-tested tools and techniques. We take into account both the needs and the possibilities of each of our clients, flexibly adjusting to all. And in case of any questions, BitHub customers can always take advantage of the help of our support service, which will quickly and professionally provide any necessary assistance. BitHub gives you the opportunity to undergo training and subsequently cooperate with the best traders, true professionals in their field. With BitHub, everyone can find a suitable option for him.